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Eco-Oil Bahamas is a Joint-Venture between Eco-Oil Portugal and Queensway Navigation which have joined forces to bring MARPOL Services (Annex I) to Freeport and to The Bahamas. MARPOL is the main international convention, covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment coming from ships, either from operational or accidental causes.

Eco-Oil Portugal is an international certified company, whose service is the acceptance and treatment of oily waters from both marine and land. Eco-Oil Portugal has a very long history in dealing with environmental projects and is active in the MARPOL business since 2001.

Queensway Navigation is a ship management company based in Greece with many years of experience in the handling of oily products and has developed a strong reputation based on dignity, respect and deep knowledge of the specific sector.

Eco-Eco Oil Bahamas is developing a dual activity. We are building a shore based facility for the storage and treatment of the oily wastes and we are operating a ship to collect the oily wastes from other ships calling at the port of Freeport or sailing in the area.

The ship can also be involved in the transportation of the regenerated oil and other oil-related products in The Bahamas.

The facility is designed to treat 60,000 tons of oily waste per year, which is equivalent to 500,000 barrels. From the processing of the above wastes several thousands of barrels of reusable oil will be regenerated.

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